Casa Herminia Casa Herminia Casa Herminia Casa Herminia Casa Herminia Casa Herminia
Casa Herminia Rural Hotel**

Rural Hotel**

The recently inaugurated Rural Hotel Casa Hermina, a two star hotel, offers both tourists and pilgrims with a modern, extremely comfortable and exquisitely decorated experience. It has 9 double rooms -5 Plus and 4 Standard- and 1 individual room. All the rooms are exterior and have magnificent views of the Pico de Mulleiroso, the Sierra de Hospitales, the Santuario del Acebo and the Puerto de Leitariegos. Plus rooms have a well-kept and detailed feel to them and each room has its unique decorative and distinguishing style. Standard rooms are decorated conventionally and have more basic equipment, but are equally cozy. All rooms have an individual bathroom with a shower, hair dryer TV, heating, as well as a telephone and Wifi. Plus rooms also have a safe.

The multiple special mentions we have received in the guides and books written about the Camino de Santiago’s Primitive Route is the best guarantor of our establishment and the recognition of our permanent commitment to quality and improvement.

General Services:  • Parking (free) •  Locked Garage for Bicycles (free) • Elevator • Wifi (free) • Handicap-Accessible • Terrace • Green Areas • Asturian Bowling (free) • Tourist Information • First-Aid Kit • Shop • We accept credit cards • Pets are not allowed